Cosmic Earth Angel, Angele Tousignant

Offering Divinely Guided, Common Sense Solutions

Cosmic Earth Angel crystal clear communications & divinely guided common sense solutions. Angel is a highly gifted, multi-talented intuitive, healer, and giver.  As a reiki master, Angel is connected to her higher self and can effectively channel information while reading cards or when giving a realm reading, both for which she is certified by Jennifer McDougall and Doreen Virtue respectively.  Angel is currently compiling a crystals course that will include everything from caring, selecting, and identifying crystals to the advanced practices of healing with crystals and applying their potential in creative ways. Angel is a fascinating, caring, dedicated human being and an excellent confidant. Anyone would benefit in sharing a query with her.

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Messages From Spirit With Angele
May 19 th2018

Specialty Products

  • Crystal Clear 101: This product clears and recharges your crystals.  ​
  • Crystal Clear 101 Smudge: This product eliminate negative energy. ​
  • Crystal Clear 101 Scared Body Spray: this product protects and eliminates negative energy :

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Humbolt May 19th 2018
Saskatoon June 21st 2018
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